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Anal bleeding in dogs can occur due to several reasons, including Ulcers in dogs: lesions in the mucosa of the digestive system, often.

Proctitis, conversely, is the inflammation of the dog's anus and the lining of the rectum. As a result, chronic diarrhea will often have mucus and/or blood in it. The irritation and ulceration of the colon can also lead to responsive vomiting and .

Today's post was written by Dr. Jennifer Ratigan, a veterinarian in Waynesboro, VA. I've known Jen since before we attended veterinary school.

Find out what to do if your dog has bloody diarrhea. be taken seriously because there are serious reasons why blood may be noted in a dog's stool. Ulcers - Stomach and intestinal ulcers can cause diarrhea and bleeding.