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Developing breast cancer when you're a teenager is extremely rare. If you're a teenage girl, you might be worried about your risk of getting breast cancer. The Mix – free confidential help for people under 25; riprap – for teenagers who.

During a breast exam, a doctor or nurse practitioner will feel a woman's breasts to check any lumps and bumps and see if there are changes since the last exam. Doctors don't usually start doing breast exams until a woman is in her 20s. If you feel a lump in your breast, don't panic.

You may be worried about your body's development, about what causes breast soreness, and even about cancer. If you're a girl, you may have noticed a slightly sore feeling when you wash your breasts in the shower. Whether it's a dull ache or a sharp pain, soreness in your breasts.

Understanding how your breasts will change during puberty. Then, small bumps (called buds) will start under your nipples. These buds may feel tender at first.