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The Project Gutenberg eBook of War Rhymes, by Wayfarer (Abner Cosens) abner claw fist

Abner heard the click of weapons behind him and Tal'davin froze for a moment. He grabbed the Vampire's fist in his claws, sinking his claws into Tal'davin's.

An ulnar claw, also known as claw hand, or 'Spinster's Claw' is a deformity or an abnormal The patients with this condition can make a full fist but when they extend their fingers, the hand posture is referred to as claw hand. The ring- and little.

Eagle Claw is a style of Chinese martial arts known for its gripping techniques, system of joint locks, takedowns, and.

Abner's heart fluttered as he dove forwards to save Lois from the claw as it came down, Her free arm came up and her gloved fist smashed into the jaw of the.