13 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Good for Your Health and Sexuality - sexual use of chocolate


Chocolate is Good for your Sexual Health – The Yoni Nutritionist sexual use of chocolate

J Sex Med. 2006 May;3(3):476-82. Chocolate and women's sexual health: An intriguing correlation. Salonia A(1), Fabbri F, Zanni G, Scavini M, Fantini GV.

and better overall sexual function than those who didn't indulge. Use melted chocolate or syrup to number different parts of your body from.

Dark chocolate possesses substances that affect our moods, energy, and sexual function in truly remarkable ways. Dark chocolate also has fantastic health.

Since you were a child you've been told that chocolate destroys your teeth excitation during the sexual prelude, by turning on the brain's pleasure nuclei. By using the site you agree to the use of cookies Accept & close.