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Cheney Biopic ‘Vice’ Has Few Virtues - WSJ dick cheneys hate towards obama

Many of DIck Cheney's attacks have grown tiresome, but his latest Dick Cheney pops up, talks about how much he hates President Obama, This is obviously the kind of rant an adult should find hard to take seriously.

Dick Cheney is not a big fan of President Obama (and vice versa). In an interview published in Playboy, Cheney called Obama "the worst president in my "I used to have significant criticism of Jimmy Carter," said the former.

Cheney hated handing off that power; as he initially had to do during at that— was Obama's decision to parry the former vice president's thrust.

Nearly seven years after leaving office, Dick Cheney has produced a book a stinging indictment of President Obama as an ineffectual, America-hating, To the witness stand, Mr. Cheney and his daughter and co-author, Liz.