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The cicadas are a superfamily, the Cicadoidea, of insects in the order Hemiptera (true bugs). .. Several fungal diseases infect and kill adult cicadas, while another .. Resources– College of Mt Saint Joseph Cicada Information Site; DrMetcalf: a resource on cicadas, leafhoppers, planthoppers, spittlebugs, and treehoppers.

Magicicada is the genus of the 13-year and 17-year periodical cicadas of eastern North . Adult periodical cicadas live only for a few weeks; by mid-July, all have disappeared. Their short .. Cited on page 49 of Kritsky, Gene (2004). Hoffmann .

Cicadas are insects, best known for the songs sung by most, but not all, male Adult cicadas, also called imagoes, spend their time in trees looking for a mate.