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Review: Undercover High, where adults go back to high school – reality blurred adults undercovers

Seven adults posed as high-school students on the A&E documentary series "Undercover High." For one semester, the undercover students got a glimpse of everyday life for teenagers today — and it was nothing like how they remembered. That was the premise of "Undercover High," an A&E.

On "Undercover High," seven adults pretended to be teenagers for four months. Mostly, it wasn't hard to pass as teens — although one undercover high schooler got braces. Seven adults did exactly that for the A&E documentary series "Undercover High," in which the participants pose.

A new series showcases what it is like to be a student in high school – through the eyes of adults in their twenties – and now that the first episode has aired, reactions are mixed. “Undercover High” embedded seven young adults into Topeka’s Highland Park High School during.

'Undercover High' Review: Adults Pose as High Schoolers in a Doc Series That's Not Nearly as Revolutionary as That Sounds.